Develop a competitive advantage thanks to compliance

Alpha CCO is a flexible and easy-to-use platform for planning, controlling and documenting compliance-related activities. Protect the value of your business, simplify your work and sleep better at night. All this thanks to Alpha CCO, your compliance ally!

Compliance must be strategic, efficient and simple
Protect what matters

Lower the financial and reputational risks to your business. Know in real-time what has already been done… and what requires your attention!

Simplify your work

Give your team a simple, easy-to-use, self-service tool to accomplish their compliance-related tasks. Being compliant has never been so easy!


Securely schedule all your recurring compliance and reporting duties. Know you’ll never miss another deadline again and help fostering a healthy compliance culture throughout the entire organization. 

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Software dedicated to compliance management

Identify your risks and plan your mitigation controls accordingly. What are your organization’s compliance milestones? What are the reports that need to be prepared and sent to regulatory authorities? When are they due? Who can contribute the content? Who must validate it?


Automatically send task notifications to contributors. Provide them all the instructions and context they need to accomplish their tasks, which they can do through a convivial and intuitive interface that will make their life easier.


No more headaches chasing after missing content through emails, phone calls and lengthy meetings. Automatically collect everything you need to validate and demonstrate the efficiency and efficacy of your compliance program, lower the risk of errors and reallocate resources towards more worthwhile endeavours.

A team of compliance experts
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Quick and easy to set up
  1. Configure your company account.
  2. Create secured profiles for your users and set-up their access rights according to their security profile.
  3. Integrate controls straight from your compliance manual or ask our experts for help.

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Discover how Alpha CCO can help you secure, simplify and automate your compliance activities. You’ll save time and money while promoting a healthy and balanced compliance culture throughout your organization.